pinkmans is a bakery

We might not look like your typical bakery or serve a range of food & drink typical to a bakery, but at the heart of Pinkmans are bakers ovens, bakers and a lot of baking.

We see our bakery as being about more than just the building we are in. It is the combination of our people, our customers, our community, our supplies and suppliers, all mixed together gently, proved slowly, and baked with a lot of care.

And we see Pinkmans as being about more than just a name – we see Pinkmans as an attitude. An attitude that embraces the connections between the new and the old, that has an international outlook whilst holding the local community at heart. It is about facing everyday troubles with verve and with vigour.

The ultimate expression of Pinkmans however will always be about the way we make our bread – an eye on the past and an eye to the future, great ingredients crafted with skill & passion, served with a sense of fun and sun.