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We close on Monday 24th at 15.00
Reopen on Thursday 3rd January at 07.30

Awards The Sunday Times


“This Bristol bakery has just been named as one of the best in the UK”
Bristol Post December 2016

“This is a bakery in the most 2016 sense of the word. Not only does it produce several sourdoughs, baguettes and boules, it also makes pizzas and serves them with beers and spritzers until 10pm. Bread comes out of the oven at 8am; then there’s a full breakfast menu, plus the Pinkmans signature sour-dough-nuts, which are filled with malted milk or honeycomb custards. You can even watch the bakers at work while you eat”
The Sunday Times November 2016

“Pinkmans shows brilliant bakeries are on the rise in Bristol”
Bristol Post December 2015

“Bristol has already been called Bread City, and in the last fortnight our options have just got even better”
Bristol 24/7 January 2016


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