Provenance / Nutrition


We make and bake everything from scratch here at Pinkmans. We know where every ingredient comes from and why. No artificial preservatives or colourings, and no GM. See our list below for sourcing information – email [email protected] to know more.

  • flour – Shipton Mill, Gloucestershire
  • butter – Brue Valley, Somerset – Organic
  • milk & cheese – Longman’s, Somerset
  • eggs – CackleBean, Stow-on-the-Wold – Free range
  • fruit & vegetables – Degusta Bristol
  • chicken – Castlemead, Bath – Free range
  • meat – Buxton Butchers, Bristol
  • cured meats – Mevalco & El Comado, Bristol
  • tomatoes – San Marzano DOP
  • coffee – Freehand Coffee Roasters, Cornwall
  • tea – Bird and Blend Tea Company, Bristol
  • beer – Bristol & Bath Microbrewers
  • cider – Newton Court – Organic
  • wine – More Wine, Bristol – Organic
  • bottled juice – Bradleys, Somerset
  • packaging -Planet Harmony, Easipac
  • chocolate – “Amedie” Tuscany, Italy

We strive to make sure our food and drink not only tastes great and looks good, but is healthy for you too. We make everything from scratch right here on Park Street so we know exactly what is in our food, and means we avoid anything nasty. We are proud of what we serve and where it comes from, and believe in making as much of this information open as is possible.

To find out more about our sourcing please see provenance.

Our bakery counter changes daily and our menus regularly, but we keep all our nutritional sheets as up to date as possible, so please ask when you visit – or please contact us on [email protected] and we’ll try and answer all your questions there.

Please know we do our best to accommodate food allergies and intolerances, however since we use common allergens in our kitchen, we can never guarantee that any item will be completely free of such ingredients.

dietary requirements

We have listed below our vegan and gluten free menu choices.  There might be variability in these menus due to seasonality and availability but hopefully you can see the range of food & drink we have for you when you visit.



  • – homemade granola, coconut yoghurt, assorted homemade jams, nuts & fresh fruit.
  • – Sourdough toast with vegan spread and jam.
  • – Wood fired mushrooms on toast with coconut cream
  • – Smashed sweet chilli avocado on toast [please ask for no butter]
  • – Porridge with seasonal compote.


  • – Soup of the day with fresh sourdough.
  • – Daily salad selection with fresh sourdough.
  • – Focaccia with homemade babaganoush, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes & sweet chilli sauce.


  • – Vegan sour-dough-nut [seasonal flavours]
  • – Black Forest torte


  • – Oat, almond, coconut & soy milks.
  • – Vegan Hot chocolate [oat milk]
  • – Vegan Chai Latte [oat milk]
  • – Chai White Russian [alcoholic, with oat milk

gluten free

We are not a gluten free facility and cannot guarantee that any goods are 100% free of gluten allergens. Everything we label as gluten free below does not directly contain gluten, but may contain trace amounts.


  • – Breakfast bowl – greek yoghurt, fresh fruit salad & assorted homemade jams.
  • – We can substitute our Gluten free bread for breakfasts with sourdough to make them gluten free.
  • – Shakshuka & Bakers breakfasts can be requested with gluten free bread on ordering.

hot food

  • – A gluten free pizza base can be swapped in for any pizza.


  • – Soup of the day.
  • – Daily salad selection.
  • – Seasonal frittata slice.
  • – Polenta based quiche.


  • – Black forest torte
  • – Hazelnut brownie finger

Seeded Gluten Free Loaf (contains dairy)

Real Bread